The Pinch Patch™ Weight Loss Patch

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If you're looking to get your waist pinched, then you have found the perfect product!  The Pinch Patch™ is a weight loss patch that induces natural fat loss.  With our research, we have combined the finest natural ingredients that reduces body fat at an accelerated rate...while you sleep!  The Pinch Patch™ effectively eliminates excessive fats and eliminates those nasty toxins that none of us need or want.  You will be blown away by the warming effect of the Pinch Patch™ ingredients blasting away your body fat.  There is no other product out there with our quality, research, and customer service.  Come get pinched with us! 


  • Immediate long term inch loss and instant body contouring

  • Destroys cellulite 
  • Eliminates fats and toxins in the body
  • Tighten, tone, and firm loose skin
  • Increases metabolism and blood circulation
  • Clinically tested- 100% natural herbs and plant extracts

What Is The Pinch Patch?

Made by some of the brightest minds in Traditional Chinese Medicine , The Pinch Patch™ Set (set contains 5 patches) is a quick and effective way to burn away belly fat. Being an innovation in the weight loss world, these patches allow users to lose weight without putting their health at risk. The effectiveness of The Pinch Patch™ is found in its natural ingredients. These ingredients provide the body with the proper boost it needs to burn fat more effectively. The Pinch Patch™ was designed to be thin and provides 6-8 hours of fat burning effect so you will be able to use it anytime you want: while working, sleeping or even traveling without anyone noticing!

How To Use

  1. Clean and dry the skin.
  2. Open the package and place the patch surrounding the navel.  Keep away from wounds.
  3. Apply The Pinch Patch daily for 6 to 8 hours.
  4. The slimming patch will have better results when combined with proper diet and our weight vest.